How to Gift Robux Using Crypto


Teach kids about Crypto and managing their finances.


  • Securely generate a wallet.
  • Print private keys.
  • Gift.
  • Spend or Earn.

Securely generate a wallet.

Use Metamask browser extension.

Print private keys.

Export the private key from Metamask wallet.

Copy the private key onto gift card by hand.


Get Eth using fiat from an exchange like Coinbase (full disclosure: link is an affiliate address). Send the Eth to the public address of the Metamask wallet. Gift the paper wallet to the recipient.

Spend or Earn.

Import the paper wallet into Metamask wallet. Type the private key and invoke import.

Spend Eth on Robux!

Earn interest on your savings. Compound can be used to earn interest. Use Uniswap to earn fees.

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